Lessons with Betty

Betty prefers teaching students ages eight and older.

Lessons are thirty to forty-five minutes long. Half-hour lessons are for beginning to intermediate students and forty-five minute lessons are reserved for advanced students.

The first lesson with Betty will be a free consultation. If the student has studied previously, please bring all cello books to the lesson and have a piece prepared to showcase the student's level of ability.

What to expect from a first lesson with Betty:

If the student has already begun studying the cello, he or she will perform a prepared piece, then Betty will determine the level and amount of time that should be devoted to practicing each day per week. She will also help the student determine what their goals for the cello are. Ie, if they wish to play for fun or professionally.

Betty requires daily practice from her students, five to six days a week, regardless of whether playing for fun or professionally.

After the first lesson, Betty will help students know if they need to purchase more books. Students will solidify their lesson schedule and length (once per week, and thirty or forty-five minutes). Once a student has reached a certain level of proficiency, Betty likes to emphasize an enjoyment in playing the cello.

Betty's belief is that it's more important for a child to learn to love the cello rather than looking it as a chore or something required.